Breakout Impromptu

Impromptu Speaking will be awarded trophies on stage with all the other events.

As you know, Stoa members voted to make Impromptu Speaking available at NITOC as a breakout event.

  • Those students not breaking to Outrounds in either speech or debate will be able to compete in Impromptu Speaking.

  • Stoa recognizes the significant commitment in time and resources that families make to attend NITOC and Stoa's members voted to approve a method to keep students competing longer at the tournament.

  • Rather than having the tournament end for approximately half of the students midway through the tournament, they will now be able to continue competing. How nice to "stay in the game!"

  • Impromptu speakers will compete in 2 Preliminary Rounds with the top competitors breaking to Semifinals, and Finals.

  • Impromptu speakers breaking to Outrounds will receive awards on stage along with all the other events at the Awards Ceremony.

  • The Breakout Impromptu schedule (Friday and Saturday) is included on the Schedule Tab

  • Breakout Impromptu: $20 per student (NO REFUNDS FOR NOT COMPETING)