The Founders Award

The Stoa Board created an award for presentation at NITOC that recognizes the contribution of Mr. Scott York and his fellow Stoa Founders for their pioneering efforts in bringing Stoa into existence.

The Founders Award will be presented to students at NITOC who receive invitations and compete in one or more events in all of the following five categories:

1. Interpretive Speeches

Dramatic Interp
Duo Interp
Humorous Interp
Open Interp

2. Limited Preparation Speeches

Extemporaneous Speaking
Mars Hill Impromptu

3. Platform Speeches

Expository Speaking
Original Oratory
Persuasive Speaking

4. Wildcard Events

Motivational Speaking

5. Debate

Lincoln Douglas Value Debate
Parliamentary Debate
Team Policy Debate

The Founders Award is not based on how a student performs at NITOC, but honors students competing at NITOC in the full breadth of events offered by Stoa.