Sun, 5/29, 10:47

One laptop and one satchel were found. Everything else was donated or thrown out by Drury University. Please contact Kerry Beaman at

Number of ballots--- 0!

Fri, 5/28, 11:58 PM
Announcements will be in O'Reilly!

Fri, 5/27 1:10 PM
Kitchen help needed! Can you donate just an hour of your time to help our kitchen staff wash dishes?

Fri, 5/27, 11:44am
Golf carts can help a student get to extemp prep if you think it's necessary in order to arrive on time. After that, students can easily get to their other competition rooms via bipedal locomotion. :)

Fri, 5/27, 11:32am
Students! Go to Hutchens cafeteria for Baked Potatoes from the Stoa Hospitality team. :)

Fri, 5/27, 8:08 AM
Breakout Impromptu competitors should report to Pearson immediately.

Fri, 5/27, 7:50 AM
Timers!!! We need your awesomeness!!! Please come to the Timer Table in Hutchens to sign-up for upcoming quarterfinals!!

Thu 5/26, 11:42 PM
Speech and Debate Announcements 7:00 AM Friday.

Thu 5/26, 5:57 PM
New Location for Social: Findlay, Banquet Room (Opposite side of the cafeteria) Have dinner and stick around for the INLAND BEACH PAR-TAY!

Thu, 5/26, 4:37 PM
In Stoa, besides all the speech and debate skills we learn, we also learn flexibility. We thank you for being so flexible this week. So, with that in mind, the speech break announcements are going to take place Friday morning precisely at 7 am sharp in O'Reilly Event Center.

Thu, 5/26, 11:00 AM
Security Warning - Do not leave valuable belongings unattended on campus.
Competitors may bring belongings inside competition room. (Just don't forget and leave them there!) If you're missing something, there is a Lost & Found at the Help Desk in O'Reilly.

Thu, 5/26 10:11 AM
Speech Announcements 7:00 Sharp at O'Reilly. Arrive at 6:45 AM!

Thu, 5/26, 8:55 AM
Timers!!! We need your awesomeness!!! Please come to the Timer Table in Hutchens to sign-up for upcoming Limited Prep rounds! Thank you!

Thu, 5/26, 8:38 AM
Video recording is NOT allowed during speech and debate competition rounds without expressed permission from competitor(s). Thank you!

Wed, 5/25, 11:07 AM
Please do not enter any non-competition rooms or remove anything, including carts, from the closets.

Loving Parents,
Thank you for making sure you are filling your car with competitors when dropping off at the different locations, creating Higher Occupancy Vehicle Lanes. This will help us to keep better control of traffic.

Timers ROCK!
We need more Timers for Speech A Rd 2 @ 2:45pm - please come to Hutchens and sign-up to time if you are available.
Thank you!

Tues, 5/24, 6:28pm
ATTENTION: If you have ANYTHING in Central High School - you MUST get it before you go into the last round tonight. This building will close and we DO NOT HAVE ACCESS to it anymore after today. Please gather your things from Central High School right now.

Tues, 5/24, 12:43pm
If you have a vehicle and are willing to help drive children to their speeches - please come to the Help Desk. Our children need you!
Students! Look for vehicles with HELP DESK in the window - they will drive you to the next building.

Tue, 5/24, 11:15 AM
Are you missing something?! We have a suit jacket, guitar, laptop, laptop bags, glasses, a tie, a watch, registration packets, makeup bags…and more. Get it before it rains!
Come to the “Lost & Found” at the Help Desk in O'Reilly.

Tue, 5/24 10:14 am
Timers are terrific! Please sign up in the student area (Hutchens - Timer Table).
Siblings ~ Keep yourself from getting bored. Come time!
Competitors ~ Have an empty pattern? Come time!
Rounds can NOT go off on time without timers.

Tue, 5/24 8:30 AM
If you are parked in front of Central High School, your car WILL be towed. It is a loading zone and today is a work day. Please move your car as immediately.

Mon, 5/24, 12:00am
If you are a debater that got soaked today, and it was your ONLY jacket, try using a hair dryer on your jacket this evening. If your jacket is beyond drying, you have the option to not wear your jacket on Tuesday. A survey of coaches recommend wearing a jacket, even if a bit damp, and we leave this to your discretion.

Please read tonight's Nightly Nugget.

Mon, 5/23, 4:14 pm
Attention RV'ers! We do NOT have permission to plug-in on-site. We have tripped the lights! There are off-site facilities for that. Please UNPLUG immediately!!!

Mon, 5/23, 10:25 am
1. Pre-purchased meal tickets - If you haven't picked up your pre-purchased meal ticket, please go to Findley Student Center. Go down the stairs to room 120, across from the bookstore. (Do not go into the cafeteria.) In the downstairs office, Emily has your tickets.
2. Parli debaters - may forego their jackets for competition in Central High School today. The building is warm. :)
3. Expos storage room is in Studio B 125 NOT in room 221.

Mon, 5/23, 7:00am
Monday morning announcements will be held in #26 Weiser Gym - the student hang-out area. This building is right across from O'Reilly, where we met last night.

Sun, 5/22, 11:59pm
Please read tonight's Nightly Nugget!

Sun, 5/22, 11:37 am

We can't wait to see YOU at check-in today in the O'Reilly Event Center, followed by our Opening Ceremonies from 5:00-6:00pm. Let the celebration begin! Clap your hands, all peoples! Shout to God with loud songs of joy! Psalms 47:1

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