'Snapshot' of NITOC 2016 Parent Judging Philosophy


Simple Truth: For NITOC to be a success FOR everyone, we need parents to serve as judges. Volunteering as a parent judge helps to provide the best possible competitive environment and experience for our speakers and debaters.

Simple Premise: More competition events for your student(s) = More judging by you

Simple Action: We are a community and we need each other. We support each other by each family judging a minimum of 8 preliminary rounds AND 3 outrounds. (Helpful tips to meet this are included in the full length document.)

Working together benefits EVERYONE! All of us doing our part will show our love for the Lord & others. To Him be the glory as we work & serve as unto our King.

These guidelines help the tournament run on time. We need you to show up 1 hour before every round!

Even one room without a judge will delay our schedule.