Extempers! Important Information!

Extemper Update Wednesday and Following:

We apologize that we did not give you the full 30 minutes of prep time for Extemp. You will get the full 30 minutes of prep time if you arrive at your draw time, plus, enough time to walk to your room.

For example:
Student Aā€™s prep time starts at 12:00 PM.
She arrives at 12:00 PM in the Extemp prep room.
At 12:30 PM, she walks to her competition room.
She should start speaking no later than 12:35 PM.

Mandatory Meeting - Tuesday at 12:00 Olin Library Second floor (Extemp Prep room):

Check in and Set up times for laptop and/or Extemp File box:

Speech Only competitors - Tuesday 9:30-10:45
LD/TP debate competitors (non-Parli) ā€“ Tuesday, 10:45 ā€“ 11:45 am
Parli competitors ā€“ immediately after the Mandatory meeting Tuesday at 12:00 pm